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Cultivating Effective Financial Communication with Your Partner

Feb 13, 2024

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Episode Summary:

It is Valentine's Day and in honor of this special love day, I want to dive into a crucial yet challenging aspect of any partnership: talking about money with your partner. Now money matters while essential, can be a source of tension in relationships. I'm sure at one point in another, you've felt that in yours (I have, too). The financial problems or money issues cause about 40% of divorces in the US. That is a large number and one that should not be ignored. So the goal today is to help you figure out how to navigate these waters with grace and understanding. I want to offer you strategies and insights for how to discuss financial issues without conflict, and whether it's budgeting or debt management or planning for your future, we're going to explore effective ways to communicate with your partner about your finances.


  • Tips for actually starting a conversation about money with your partner to avoid...
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How To Talk Finances With Your Partner: 3 Healthy Tips

Feb 10, 2021

Tired of the same heart shaped chocolates on Valentine’s Day? Ready to spice up your relationship? Enter finances. While finances are a leading cause of fights among couples, proactively discussing financial goals can bring couples closer together. Understanding your partner on a deeper level, like their financial values, can open a door to an intimacy that has long lasting impact.

We all have been there. You fall deeply in love. You can stare into each other’s eyes for hours. You can finish each other’s sentences AND sandwiches. But what happens when you float down from the love cloud? Financial transparency and compatibility are accompanied by fidelity. So in addition to the sweet nothings you whisper to your lover this V-Day, spice it up by talking finances.

Here are 3 healthy tips for talking money with your partner.

#1- Set the stage. Randomly asking your partner financial questions can put them on the defensive. We all have money values that are unique to our...

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