3 Steps to Feeling More in Control of Your Finances

podcast Oct 18, 2023

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Hello and welcome to the Empowered Planning Podcast, Honest Financial Conversations for the Modern Woman! This podcast has been a long time coming for me and I finally took the leap to bring you a space to have open, honest conversations about money and investing. I've been in the financial industry for over 15 years, both as a financial planner turned educator and coach. Because the financial markets and the economy are fluid, they are forever changing, this really impacts how we spend our money, how we invest our money. With this, I always consider myself a student first and I want to share with you what I learn along the way and take that research, the data that's out there, kind of weed through all the noise and really help you put those into practice.

In this first episode of the podcast, I want to give you a backdrop of how as women we got to where we are with our money and then provide you with three key steps that you can take as you juggle all the balls in the air.


  • An intro to Shinobu and Empowered Planning, why she started this podcast, and her hopes for the show each week

  • The ways women have historically been left out of financial conversations and decision making and how this has changed over time

  • The role of WWII and Tupperware as the catalyst for women to play a bigger role in finances 

  • The taboos that still exist for women when it comes to money, even though more women than ever before control their household income 

  • What you can do to be a part of the change so that women have more financial independence in the future and a seat at the table 

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