We aren't given the resources and tools early on life to navigate the complex world of money + investing. As your life evolves so will your finances. We are here to take the guess-work out and leave trial and error behind. We want you to enjoy your life today while planning for your future. Yes! It is possible. 

Finance Essentials Program

Go at your own pace, 3 step course to build a rock-solid financial foundation.

Actionable workbooks + checklists.

Lifetime access to program + materials.


Empowered Academy
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Live, step-by-step training to build wealth + invest with confidence. 

Actionable workbooks + checklists.

6 Weeks, LIVE Weekly Trainings.


Empowered Executive Program

Personalized training for when you need a little more TLC.

Custom, 3 month 1 on 1 coaching program. 

Lifetime access to content + materials.


Finance Essentials is a course that teaches you how to navigate your finances + build a rock-solid foundation following this 3-step method. This is perfect for you if you're just getting started and want to learn at your own pace.

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Most Popular ➡ Empowered Academy is a 6 week, live training program to help you build wealthinvest with confidence and find financial freedom.

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Empowered Executive is a 3 month, one-on-one coaching program for those who want a customized experience.

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“I had been working for 5 years and hadn’t made a dent in my student loans. I had no method or plan for paying it down and realized they would be following me around for the next 20 years. Working with Shinobu was a breath of fresh air. She took her time explaining things to me in a language I could understand. I consolidated the loans I could and now have a plan of attack to get rid of these once and for all! Thank you, Shinobu!”

-Emily K.

“Once I graduated from medical school I had the option of working private practice or for a public university that would provide loan forgiveness. I was confused about how to evaluate the two options and was scared to make the wrong decision. Shinobu helped me play out both scenarios and prioritize what was most important to me. I felt like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She was patient and thoughtful, hard to find these days!”

-Shannon P.

“Once my husband and I got married we realized we had different philosophies when it came to our money. Shinobu helped us take a step back and get educated on what really mattered. It was nice to have a buffer between us and it brought us closer together. We are in the process of buying our first home and we couldn’t have reached our savings goal without her!”

-Erica J.

“I finally feel like an adult! I shy’d away from talking about money for such a long time that it just became more and more embarrassing that I didn’t know anything! Shinobu never made me feel stupid for asking my million questions and she helped me get a handle on my spending. I had no idea I was throwing so much money away and now I actually have an emergency fund! You’re the best!”

-Jennifer S.

“Shinobu has been so amazing. She broke things down for me in such a clear and simple way. I have no idea why I found this stuff so scary in the first place! I didn’t know the difference between an IRA or a Roth IRA and whether or not I even needed one. She clarified all things retirement for me and I feel like my savings have a purpose now. I was saving before but had no goal or not even a clue if I was doing enough. I feel truly EMPOWERED!”

-Marissa L.

“I started my business 8 years ago and was so worried about growing that I never took the time to focus on my finances. I had money saved but it was just sitting at the bank because I didn’t know what else to do with it. I thought you had to have a lot of money to invest. Shinobu explained to me what I could do to set myself up for the future and I wish I had started 8 years ago! Thank you girl!”

-Allison W.

“As an attorney with my own practice, there’s no 401k set up or matching program so I never thought about saving for retirement. With my student loans and long work hours I wanted to think about my money but honestly couldn’t find the time. Shinobu makes everything simple and easy to follow. Going through my options, I had no idea there were so many things available to me. I wish I would have done this earlier!”

-John M.

“For better or worse I’m a detailed person and like to have things organized. I had no process or system when it came to my money and after many failed attempts on my own I realized I needed help. I would get bombarded with information and end up doing nothing. Shinobu broke things down for me in a practical way. Now I have a system that works for me and actually enjoy working with my money! I never thought I’d say that.”

-Meredith B.

“Before kids, my husband and I would buy whatever we wanted and would go out to eat all the time. After kids we found ourselves in debt and didn’t know how to get out of it. It felt like we were snowballing. Shinobu worked with us to make budgeting manageable and not terrifying. Instead of blaming each other we found small ways to change what we were doing and have not only been able to pay it off but have our savings on auto-pilot. Our family thanks you!”

-Katherine F.

Empowered Planning is designed to give you two things:

Easy to follow education on what matters most in money.

Custom step-by-step plan to gain financial freedom.


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