Dr. Katie D'Amato on Balancing Business with Passion

business money tips podcast May 14, 2024

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Episode Summary:

Welcome back to the Empowered Planning Podcast! It gives me great pleasure to have Dr. Katie D'Amato here with us today. Along with passionately starting Balanced by Katie: Physical Therapy, Yoga, & Wellness, she is also a committed physical therapist. Today she’s going to talk about her amazing journey of leaving a stable full-time job to move into the demanding world of entrepreneurship. We will discuss Katie's difficulties and victories in launching her mobile therapy company, as well as how she manages to balance her goals for both her professional and personal development. You'll find Katie's insights essential whether you're considering starting your own business or you’re just fascinated by stories of transformation in the healthcare industry. At it’s core, this episode shows the reality of running a profitable women-owned business. Grab your headphones and join the conversation!


  • Katie’s journey from working full-time in the healthcare industry to becoming a thriving entrepreneur
  • The most common financial challenges for new entrepreneurs
  • Key financial planning strategies for business stability
  • The importance of financial planning for entrepreneurs
  • The role of personal development in sustainable and consistent business growth

About Katie:

Dr. Katie D’Amato has been a practicing physical therapist since 2009, specializing in outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine care with a holistic approach. She is also a yoga instructor and teaches Vinyasa Yoga with safety and alignment emphasis. She is the founder of Balanced by Katie: Physical Therapy, Yoga, & Wellness, Inc., a mobile physical therapy practice that serves patients in San Clemente and North County San Diego. Her mission is to help people do the activities they love for as long as they want!

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