Career Moms Unite: Shinobu and Erica Smith on Finding Work/Life Balance

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Episode Summary:

I’m excited to talk about one of my favorite topics today on The Empowered Planning Podcast – building a career as a mom. As a working mom myself, I’m very familiar with the beautiful chaos of balancing work with family life. In this episode, my close friend and experienced executive, Erica Smith, is joining me as we swap stories and offer tips to help you tackle parenting hurdles while pursuing your career goals. Whether you're looking for inspiration or hands-on advice, this episode is a tribute to all the working moms out there. It aims to empower and guide you through the chaos and joy while reminding you that you can have both!


  • The rollercoaster of happiness, mayhem, guilt, and satisfaction that comes with being a working mom
  • Erica's personal tale of navigating life as an experienced executive and a mom
  • The tough choices we face that impact our work and our families
  • How to tackle parenting hurdles while keeping up with your professional life
  • Busting the myths and stereotypes that surround working mothers
  • Erica’s real, down-to-earth tips for working moms trying to strike that elusive balance

About Erica:

Erica is a seasoned GTM Executive renowned for delivering double and triple digit revenue growth in analytics, management consulting, and fintech industry verticals. With extensive leadership experience at Block, Mindbody, Gartner, and D&B, Erica excels in leading Fortune 50 client relationships and implementing transformative strategies across Sales, Marketing, Product, Channel, CX, Emerging Tech, and AI/Analytics initiatives. Known for pioneering customer-centric cultures and architecting innovative solutions, Erica has built and developed world-class sales and customer success organizations delivering unmatched value to clients and accelerating their mission critical priorities. Erica’s dynamic leadership style emphasizes cross-functional collaboration and operational excellence, driving success in fast-paced environments and developing purpose-driven cultures for a connected teammate experience.

Erica’s first love, soccer, catapulted her to compete in the NCAA D1 arena and laid the foundation for her competitive spirit, no-limits mindset, and thirst for consciously evolving both personally and professionally. The beautiful game can also be accredited to Erica meeting Shinobu at 10 years old, where they would not only become teammates for the better part of a decade, but lifelong friends.

A North Carolinian (by way of New Jersey) Erica lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, two children, and pup.

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