Taking Small Steps to Create Big Dreams with Betsy Smith

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Episode Summary:

I’m so excited to have a long time client and friend on the podcast today, Betsy Smith. Betsy is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who owns her own hair salon and handcrafted souvenir shop. The best part? She didn’t take action on these businesses until she was 29 years old which shows it’s never too late to pivot. Throughout our conversation, you’ll hear a bit about Betsy’s Amish upbringing and how this informed the way she feels about money and financial decisions as a whole. Betsy has done so much work in not only creating a business (and life!) that she’s proud of, but healing and overcoming negative money narratives. I hope this conversation leaves you feeling inspired.


  • Where Betsy’s entrepreneurial and rebel spirit comes from and how it informs her decisions today 
  • What the financial conversations for Betsy were like growing up in the Amish community and how these impacted her thoughts around money 
  • How Shinobu has helped Betsy be more brave and bold in her financial decisions 
  • Overcoming scarcity mindset and burying your head in the sand and shifting to gratitude and confidence 
  • Betsy’s decision making process of deciding to open up her own salon and the advice she’d give other business owners
  • How messy action can actually be calculated and help you greatly move the needle 
  • Finding freedom in not comparing yourself to others or having to keep up with the Joneses

About Betsy:

A hair stylist based in California with over 15 years of experience in the industry. From cutting and coloring to styling and extensions, Betsy has honed her skills and developed an eye for detail that sets her apart from the rest. She began her career at the Aveda Institute in Columbus, Ohio. There, she learned from some of the top stylists in the business and developed her own unique style. She quickly gained a reputation for her ability to listen to her clients and create stunning looks that were both trendy and timeless. Constantly inspired by the sun and the beach lifestyle, she loves creating natural sun-kissed hair color and a low-maintenance vibe. When she’s not behind the chair, she is hitting the trail for a hike, planning her next road trip, or at the beach with her family.

Connect with Betsy:


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