Debt and Credit Insights and How to Empower Your Financial Journey

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Episode Summary:

Today, on the Empowered Planning Podcast, I will tackle the crucial world of debt and credit. I've got a lot lined up to help you get savvy about managing your debts and boosting your credit score. Ever wonder what makes credit 'good' or 'bad'? Or how do those credit bureaus decide your score? Well, I’m breaking it all down today. Plus, I'll guide you through the five big factors that influence your credit score and share some handy tips for tackling your debt. Whether you aim to trim down your debt or spruce up your credit game, this episode is packed with actionable advice to empower your financial journey.


  • Understanding the difference between good credit vs. bad credit
  • Demystifying credit scores and their impact on your financial profile
  • The importance of good credit in various aspects of life
  • The complete breakdown of the five factors that determine your credit score
  • Practical strategies for efficient debt management
  • Tips on prioritizing and automating debt repayment for financial ease



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