Financial Literacy for Parents with Clifton Corbin

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Episode Summary:

I have a very special guest on The Empowered Planning Podcast today – Clifton Corbin! He is a father, a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC), has his MBA, and has amassed over two decades of business consulting experience. Currently, he has left the office to be a stay-at-home dad, but in his spare time, he has written and published multiple books. I’m excited to have him on today to chat about the importance of financial literacy within our families, how to talk to kids about money, and how he approaches different financial topics with his own children (including if you should give them allowance or not!). Clifton has a wealth of knowledge around this subject and there’s so much to learn from him during this episode.


  • The role that Clifton’s parents and upbringing played in his own beliefs around money and financial literacy 
  • What inspired Clifton to write books, specifically books for parents and financial literacy 
  • The power of being transparent with your past financial burdens to reduce shame 
  • A good age to breach the topic of money with your kids and how to do it 
  • What to say to your kids instead of “We don’t have the money for that,” and being intentional with your words
  • Clifton’s view on allowance to teach children more about money

About Clifton:

Clifton D. Corbin, RFC®, MBA, was a business consultant with over two decades of experience when he left the office to become a full-time stay-at-home dad. During this time, he authored his first book, Your Kids, Their Money, which focuses on providing parents with the skills and tools to teach financial literacy to their children.

Clifton graduated from Niagara University with a master’s degree in business administration. He has spent years studying finance and is a passionate advocate for advancing the financial literacy of children and young adults. When not reading or listening to podcasts about finance or economics, he can be found fixing-up his 100+-year-old Toronto home, playing basketball with his kids, chairing a PTA meeting or DJing in his basement.

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