Breaking Free from Financial Trauma with Rahkim Sabree

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Episode Summary:

In this engaging episode of the Empowered Planning Podcast, we discuss the critical yet often overlooked topic of financial trauma. Joined by the esteemed financial coach and author Rahkim Sabree, we explore the intricate relationship between money, mental health, and personal experiences. Rahkim shares his journey into financial therapy, revealing how personal and observed experiences can profoundly affect our financial behaviors. We discuss real-life stories, define financial trauma, and provide actionable advice for those seeking to understand and overcome their financial hurdles. Join us as we expose the layers of financial trauma, offering guidance, empathy, and strategies to empower your financial journey.


  • Understanding the psychological aspects of financial trauma and its impact on individuals
  • Exploring how financial trauma affects relationships and strategies for overcoming these challenges
  • Rahkim's transformation from financial hardship to renowned financial coach and author
  • The crucial role of financial education in healing from trauma
  • Insights into real-life financial trauma, resilience, and approaches to addressing personal financial challenges
  • The importance of highlighting the value of community support and expert advice in the journey to financial healing

About Rahkim:

Rahkim is a financial coach and author/columnist, who focuses on the intersection of financial education and financial trauma as a barrier to achieving financial empowerment. He grew up in Mount Vernon, NY and often discusses the impact of his early experiences with poverty on his relationship with money and, the nuances of financial trauma, culture, and race and their impact on the wealth gap in the Black community.

His work has been seen or published in many of the large publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur, Money group, The Grio, CEO World Magazine, Parents Magazine, and more.

Rahkim has also spoken for such brands as Experian, Bigger Pockets, The Financial Therapy Association, FinCon conference, Nerd Wallet, The Association For Financial Counseling And Planning Education, TEDx Hartford, and more.

He is a strong believer in the power of the mind making reference to the "law of attraction" and the power of intentionality. Among his passions are coaching, financial education, personal development, and mentorship.

Today, Rahkim works with individuals in a B2C capacity, and leaders and brands (B2B) whose mission is to improve people's financial lives; who see bigger than themselves and who in addition to wanting to propel their business to the next level, want to (re-) find greater flexibility and freedom using the power of money.

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