Tips to Feel Financially Stable During the Holiday Season

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Episode Summary:

We are gearing up for the holiday season, my favorite time of year! If you have been out of your house and have gone to literally any store, they already have their big holiday decorations out and this is such a fun time of year. But for a lot of women, a lot of moms, I know it also comes with a lot of stress – you're having to provide this magical experience for your kids and loved ones, on top of your regular to-do list and duties. So I want to help as much as I can on the financial side of things because it's really up to us to balance out what's going to work. In this episode I’m sharing a few tips to feel financially stable during the holiday season, from apps you can use to focusing on sustainability. I hope this helps you remain excited about the weeks to come!


  • Different tools and apps you can use to stay on top of your holiday gift budget
    Why Shinobu suggests opening a separate bank account for gift shopping and what to search for in a new account
  • Utilizing homemade gifts to encourage budget-friendly gift giving and the gifts that Shinobu plans on preparing
  • Allowing yourself to have honest conversations with your loved ones during the holiday season to relieve financial pressure
  • How to keep sustainability in mind when you’re preparing your holiday gifts
  • How you can involve your kids with your holiday planning and gift giving so you can remain centered on family



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