Love & Money: Financial Talks For Couples with Alisha Cook

love and money podcast Apr 16, 2024

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Episode Summary:

As a financial educator, I believe having honest and open conversations about money with your partner is crucial. So today, on the Empowered Planning Podcast, I am bringing in a heartfelt conversation with Alisha Cook. Alisha’s story is a testament to the importance of planning, communication, and flexibility when dealing with financial changes. She'll dive into how she and her husband tackled merging their finances, their approach to planning for a new family member, and the adventure of moving from a rental to their own home. I hope Alisha’s experience will give you valuable insights and strategies for managing your finances through life's big moments. Join us now!


  • Alisha's lessons learned on merging finances with her partner
  • The importance of preparing financially for parenthood
  • How Alisha balanced marriage, pregnancy, and moving from renting to owning the house
  • Alisha's tips for tackling major expenses and savings goals
  • How to find the balance in spending and Alisha’s perspective on guilt-free purchases and value alignment

About Alisha:

Alisha is a SM of Client Success and Process Improvement for a small software company. She has a background in community building, business strategy, and entrepreneurship. With a passion for empowering female business owners, she loves to see others thrives through community, connections, and curiosity.

Connect with Alisha:


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