The 6 Most Common Money Blind Spots (and how to overcome them!)

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Episode Summary:

Last week on the podcast, we talked about how to unpack all of the money baggage that we essentially got through our childhood and growing up, so if you haven’t listened to that episode, go do that now! This week I want to take things a step further and talk about the six most common money blind spots, as I call them, that tend to show up in our lives. Money blind spots are beliefs or thoughts that obstruct the way that we view money in our lives. In this episode, I want to try to normalize this for you because we have all of these voices in our head that we interact with throughout the day that can prevent us from moving forward in our lives if we don't really address them. My hope is that you’ll listen to this episode and leave with actionable steps you can take to heal your money blind spots to become more confident in your financial decision making!


  • How Shinobu identifies money blind spots, uncovering their root, and how to spot them in your lives 
  • The most common money blind spot that women, whether they are career driven or not, face 
  • The power of acknowledging the negative thoughts you have toward money so that you can create action steps to move through them
  • How to reframe your thinking around new opportunities or financial investments so that you can make decisions with confidence 
  • Taking accountability for the change that can happen around your own money beliefs so you can feel in control and move through blind spots 
  • The role that affirmations can have in overcoming money blind spots and Shinobu’s favorite money affirmation 



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