Renting vs Buying: Which is Actually Better?

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Episode Summary:

On today's episode of The Empowered Planning Podcast, we're tackling a question that bugs many of us: To rent or to buy a home? Sure, those fluctuating interest rates and ever-changing housing prices make it tricky, but this choice is more about what fits your life and dreams instead of just crunching numbers. I'll discuss how the market's ups and downs play into this major life decision and share some of my experiences and tips to help you figure out what suits you best. Curious to find out which option aligns with your personal goals and financial situation? Join me in this episode, where we'll explore how to make a choice that syncs up with your life's path.


  • Analyzing the rent vs. buy decision in current economic conditions
  • The most common emotional aspects of home ownership and renting
  • Practical tips for navigating the housing market
  • How to approach the home buying process thoughtfully
  • The importance of exploring alternative home ownership strategies for modern lifestyles

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