Reminder: Your self-worth is not dictated by your net worth

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Episode Summary:

This is episode eight and it's going to be the last episode until 2024 but I will see you back here in January. We're going to take a break through the holiday season to finish up some year-end deadlines and to be more present on the home front. I think that gets lost sometimes this season, especially if you're a mom taking care of making it a magical, magical time for everybody. But in today's episode I want to dive deeper into how your self-worth is not or should not be dictated by your net worth. I think this is a timely topic because about 70% of the US GDP comes from consumer spending, which really flares up around the holidays – there’s shopping opportunities all around us and it's hard not to think about money. So let’s talk about what this all means today on The Empowered Planning Podcast!


  • The negative effects that come with attaching your self-worth to money in any regard, especially how this can affect your children 
  • Knowing what opportunities to say yes or no to in order to balance your income and being present with your loved ones 
  • An exercise that you can use to define who you are without using your job description or thinking of how much money you make 
  • The importance of focusing on what you have rather than what you lack and constantly staying in a mindset of gratitude 
  • How to think of your legacy outside of the amount of money you’re leaving behind and instead on your overall impact



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