David Delisle's Guide to Smart Money Choices for Families

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Episode Summary:

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Empowered Planning Podcast! Today, I'm joined by the insightful David Delisle to explore the nuances of financial literacy and how we can instill a sense of value and mindfulness in our spending habits—both for ourselves and our children. David's unique perspective on finding our "awesome stuff" and how we perceive our financial choices offers a fresh outlook on managing money, prioritizing experiences, and understanding the true value of the things we spend our money and time on. Instead of saying, "We can't afford that," David offers genius tips for reframing conversations with our little ones. Think, pause, reflect, and ask if that shiny new toy aligns with their "awesome stuff." Whether you're a parent aiming to navigate your kids through the complex world of financial choices or just someone keen on enhancing your money mindset, this episode is brimming with insights that will transform your financial perspective.


  • David’s journey from personal finance lessons for his children to sharing his wisdom with a broader audience
  • The role of consumer culture in shaping our financial behaviors and how to navigate its challenges
    Introduction to the concept of "awesome stuff" to children as an innovative approach to financial literacy
  • How parents and children can benefit from a mindful approach to their finances
  • David's perspective on the importance of experiences over possessions in creating lasting happiness and financial well-being
  • How David's book, "The Golden Quest," empowers kids and parents to redefine their relationship with money
  • Strategies for parents to engage in meaningful financial conversations with their children without instilling a scarcity mindset

About David:

David Delisle, founder of The Awesome Stuff™, is an Amazon bestselling author of The Golden Quest entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, and most importantly, Dad. He is a contributor to Entrepreneur, Yahoo! News, GoBankingRates, Money Club and more.At age 11, David made his first investment. By age 20, he began investing in real estate and was semi-retired by age 40.
His book, a graphic novel called The Golden Quest, offers us a new way to think about money by noticing the weight of our words, choices, actions and the world around us. David teaches kids (and adults) how to live a richer life and create the freedom for what is most important to them… the Awesome Stuff™.

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