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Money Saving Tips for January

Jan 16, 2024

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Episode Summary:

In this episode, I’m sharing my favorite tips on how to save money in January after coming off a high spending season in November and December. We’ll cover the different ways to reduce energy costs, such as using smart thermostats and LED bulbs. Then I’ll dive into cutting down on unwanted subscriptions and how to optimize your cell phone plans. I’m giving suggestions on negotiating bills and shopping for the best deals in January, including holiday decor, TV and home theater equipment, and furniture. I’m also telling you why I am cautioning against buying large home appliances, mattresses, and fitness equipment this month. The last tip I share revolves around everyone’s biggest stressor – grocery shopping! I hope this is helpful for you this month and beyond.


  • Reducing energy costs by using smart thermostats, LED bulbs, and unplugging electronics when not in use...
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Bite-Sized Budgeting: Your 4 Week Plan

Jan 19, 2021

I am a huge advocate for making finances part of your overall lifestyle. It’s common for money and investing conversations to be uncomfortable and often accompanied by anxiety. In fact, in a recent survey from Capital One CreditWise, 73% of Americans rank their finances as their number 1 stressor in life!  Let’s buck this trend and start this year off from a place of financial empowerment!

So where do you start? Drumroll please…yup it’s examining your spending. I know I know. Budgeting, boo right? When most people hear the word budgeting, they think boring, restrictive and no thank you. When you know what you spend and where you are spending, you can go after what you truly want from life! What’s sexier than that?!

Going through each month blindly, you can feel out of control or at the mercy of money. Having transparency on where your money is going, you can be intentional about how you spend money and take back control.  A popular and easy...

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