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Empowered Academy includes:

💎10-weeks of Live Training with financial expert Shinobu Hindert, CFP®

💸 2 Hour Live - “Achieving Financial Goals" + “Retirement” Masterclass

🙋🏽‍♀️ 2 Hour Live - "Investing For You" Masterclass

🔥 Live Application Days + Q&A – Get solutions to problems you run into as you apply the concepts from each Masterclass

📝 Digital, Fill-able, Step-by-Step guide to creating your Empower Plan!  

🎥 Replay of each week’s training will be available next day through membership portal

⚡ Bonus ⚡ Finance Essentials Bundle - 3 Extra Courses : Transforming Your Money Mindset, Creating Your Lifestyle Guide, Mastering Your Debt & Credit

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