3 Tips For Staying On Track To Reaching Your 2021 Financial Goals


As we enter into March of 2021, are you on track to reach the financial goals you set for yourself this year? I’m here to hold you accountable and be your advocate for positive impact! The holiday buzz has long worn off and there was no easing into 2021. Setting annual financial goals is a moot exercise if you aren’t able to measure and track your progress, so let’s carve out a few minute and do it right now. Here are 3 tips for staying on track to hit your 2021 financial goals.

#1- Begin with the end in mind.

In Stephen Covey’s bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective, he challenges readers to image the end of their lives as a reference for evaluating everything else. I’m tasking you to take a bit-size piece of this and start with December 31st, 2021 with the end in mind. Picture yourself counting down to the New Year. What are you most proud of financially that you accomplished this year?

If you haven’t already set financial goals for this year, ask yourself, what do you want your financial picture to look like? Pick up a journal and jot down your ideas being as specific as possible. We miss financial goals we set because they’re too vague, buck that trend and find clarity.

 #2- What resources do you need to support your journey this year?

Let’s face it. Financial goal setting is intimidating when they’re jumbled in your mind. Putting pen to paper helps you break down your goals into steps but it shouldn’t stop there. Make a SHORT list of the resources you need at your fingertips so you’re always moving forward, remember we’re steering clear of overwhelm, For example, if you want to start investing for a home renovation, do you have a realistic idea of how much you need in total? Have you figured out how much you need to stack away month? Do you need to open a separate account so it’s not combined with your day to day checking account? You essentially want to set yourself up so the process is as easy as possible.

#3- Share your financial goal with someone.

When I was deep in the weeds of writing my 1st investing book (release date May 18, 2021), my publisher encouraged me to share with the world via social media what I was doing. Talk about accountability, right? People would ask me all the time how my book was coming along. If I ever needed a kick in butt to get writing, that would do the trick. Nothing like peer pressure! What I’m saying is, don't be shy. Share your money laundry with the world! Shout it from the rooftops!

Remember when you set clear goals, surround yourself with resources to support your journey, and ask for accountability from your community, you cannot fail. You got this. Building wealth doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a lifestyle. Your time is now!


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