How To Talk Finances With Your Partner: 3 Healthy Tips


Tired of the same heart shaped chocolates on Valentine’s Day? Ready to spice up your relationship? Enter finances. While finances are a leading cause of fights among couples, proactively discussing financial goals can bring couples closer together. Understanding your partner on a deeper level, like their financial values, can open a door to an intimacy that has long lasting impact.

We all have been there. You fall deeply in love. You can stare into each other’s eyes for hours. You can finish each other’s sentences AND sandwiches. But what happens when you float down from the love cloud? Financial transparency and compatibility are accompanied by fidelity. So in addition to the sweet nothings you whisper to your lover this V-Day, spice it up by talking finances.

Here are 3 healthy tips for talking money with your partner.

#1- Set the stage. Randomly asking your partner financial questions can put them on the defensive. We all have money values that are unique to our individual experiences so set the stage for an even playing field. Let your partner know that you want to have an open and honest discussion around your financial values and goals. Set the date together making it a joint effort.

#2- Be vulnerable. A great way to take the pressure off the conversation is to openly share your vulnerability with your partner. For example, if you've been living paycheck to paycheck or you feel uncomfortable investing in the stock market, let them know. Share where you’re at today. This will open up space for the conversation to unfold organically. You may not have the same values around money but understanding each other’s point of views will help navigate financial decisions in the future.

#3- Be consistent. Financial Dates should be part of your lifestyle so set up a schedule that works for you two. Consistently discussing finances will create transparency, build trust and increase confidence when making financial decisions. These conversations can come with pressure so plan something fun afterwards as a reward for adulting! 

After a few financial dates, it’ll become part of your combined lifestyle to have these talks. Investing in each other’s future brings a deeper intimacy to any relationship, what’s sexier than that?! 


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