Confidently Investing in Your Health with Ashley Lane

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Episode Summary:

Today on The Empowered Planning Podcast, we're going to be talking about health, money, and fitness goals, especially as we are still in the first month of the new year. I think money is on a lot of people's minds, but also different health goals are on a lot of people's minds. With that, I have a special guest and client of mine with us today, Ashley Lane Chavez. Ashley combined her 12 years of personal training experience to create an app called the Fit Crew, the Ashley Lane app which is an innovative fitness experience designed to bring health and wellness directly to you. What I love about Ashley is her mission to empower women to embrace their fitness journey confidently. The reason I wanted to have her on is because although I talk to many women who have health goals on their mind, they also have money on their mind and there's this guilt sometimes associated with spending money on themselves, especially when many believe they can get in shape at home for free. So, I want to bring in Ashley as a fitness expert to talk to us and to share why it’s okay to spend money on your fitness and take care of yourself in this way.


  • How Ashley moved from medical sales to personal training and how she’s set up her business to be financially stable from the start
  • Saving for the things that you don’t know you’ll need to be saving for like infertility in Ashley’s case 
  • The importance of choosing to invest in yourself and prioritize your health and how Ashley helps her clients move through different hesitations 
  • How Ashley has created her programs to help her clients stay motivated and feel better based on their specific needs
  • Why accountability can be key in creating a lasting difference in your physical habits  
  • Ashley’s current guilty pleasure purchase 
  • Why Shinobu believes that making guaranteed income and ability to adapt is a financial superpower of Ashley’s

About Ashley:

Ashley Lane is a personal trainer and creator of The Fit Crew app. Following her passion of inspiring and helping others meet their goals, she opened Ashley Lane in 2012 as a way to share her love for health and fitness. A lifelong athlete since she was young, she began lifting weights and adopting a clean eating lifestyle in college, where she saw the way it transformed her body and life. It was this passion that led her to start Ashley Lane, as a way to help others reach new heights they never thought possible.

Today, she offers quality, best-in-class, 1:1 Personal Training, Online Training with the Fit Crew App + Workouts, and Virtual Classes via Zoom, designed to transform you through hard work, sweat, and passion. So whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey, are frustrated and have hit a plateau, or want to take your fitness to the next level, she will work with you to reach your goals. She will work alongside you to develop a program that is realistic, yet pushes you towards results. She will work with you to ensure you leave as a happier, healthier, better version of yourself.

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