Investing in Your Dreams with Cassandra Caruso

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Episode Summary:

On today’s episode of the Empowered Planning Podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cassandra Caruso—an absolute dynamo in creativity and a devoted mom to three boys. Like many of us, Cassandra jumped into the business world with little background in finance or investing. Her journey highlights the incredible things we can accomplish with self-investment and the proper support. As we unpack Cassandra's experiences, I hope it inspires you to pursue your financial and professional dreams, no matter the obstacles. Keep in mind it's not just about boosting your income—it's about creating positive change in your life and making a real impact on those around you.


  • Cassandra’s journey from corporate job to entrepreneurship
  • The importance of overcoming financial ignorance and learning to invest
  • Why connection in your business matters
  • The role of empowering women through mentorship and support
  • The real challenges and rewards of being a 'mompreneur'
  • How to set family and work-life boundaries

About Cassandra:

Cassandra Caruso is the Visionary CEO, Brand Designer and Mentor of Wild Dreams Studio and a proud mama of 3 wild boys. She brings a unique blend of compassion and determination to her leadership role. Cassandra is deeply committed to guiding and inspiring female entrepreneurs on a transformative journey of brand evolution.

With a profound passion for unlocking the inner potential of individuals, Cassandra seamlessly merges intuitive insights, strategic expertise, and creative vision to empower her clients. Her holistic approach enables female entrepreneurs to authentically showcase their essence into an Iconic Innovative brand.

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