Money Matters with Juliet Odhiambo

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Episode Summary:

Ever wonder why money feels like such a daunting, complicated topic? Wish someone could demystify it and make it more relatable? Well, you're in for a treat on this episode of The Empowered Planning Podcast. Join us as we dive into an enlightening conversation with Juliet Odhiambo, all the way from Kenya! Juliet is not your typical money expert. She's a money coach with a superpower that sets her apart – she humanizes the world of finance. In this episode, Juliet shares her journey from banking to becoming a financial educator and coach. She's not just about numbers; she's about helping people navigate the complex. If you're ready to make friends with your finances, gain some priceless clarity, and hear inspiring stories from the beautiful heart of Kenya, don't miss this episode!


  • Juliet's journey from finance graduate to community financial educator
  • The process Juliet uses to navigate financial challenges and information overload
  • How to stay current and adapt in the ever-changing world of finance
  • Juliet’s story of dreaming big and the future vision of empowering African women in finance

About Juliet:

Juliet Odhiambo is a finance trainer and coach with over eight years of experience in Financial Literacy training and curriculum development as well as commercial banking where she has held various roles.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance from Kenyatta University and a Master’s degree in International Relations from USIU- Africa where she focused on Development Studies. At this time, her research focus was to find the goals, systems and structures that enable Chamas to be successful in providing socioeconomic empowerment.

She is a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow through which she earned a certification in Business and Entrepreneurship from the top ranking, Chicago based Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Juliet is committed to seeing Kenya and Africa as a whole empowered with the right financial literacy skills to make a better life for themselves.

Since 2018, Juliet has engaged hundreds of people in 1:1 coaching, Financial Wellness programs for community groups, churches and corporates. She has engaged Chamas and Investment Groups through her online course and physical training to empower them with knowledge on registration, group dynamics, tools and systems for effective Investment groups and the various investment options available for them.

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