Cultivating Effective Financial Communication with Your Partner

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Episode Summary:

It is Valentine's Day and in honor of this special love day, I want to dive into a crucial yet challenging aspect of any partnership: talking about money with your partner. Now money matters while essential, can be a source of tension in relationships. I'm sure at one point in another, you've felt that in yours (I have, too). The financial problems or money issues cause about 40% of divorces in the US. That is a large number and one that should not be ignored. So the goal today is to help you figure out how to navigate these waters with grace and understanding. I want to offer you strategies and insights for how to discuss financial issues without conflict, and whether it's budgeting or debt management or planning for your future, we're going to explore effective ways to communicate with your partner about your finances.


  • Tips for actually starting a conversation about money with your partner to avoid conflict from the start 
  • Why it’s important to know your partner’s past money history or triggers before entering a conversation about money
  • Shifting out of the “You” mindset and into “we” to create a collaborative relationship with your partner when it comes to finances
  • The power of active listening not only with your partner but your children, too
  • Why you should focus on goals and solutions rather than getting stuck on problems 
  • How to implement “Money Dates” into your routine with your partner
  • Different support resources that are available for couples who can’t get on the same page



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